SIEMENS 3AH5 کلید فشار متوسط وکیوم خلا


Vacuum Circuit-Breaker 12kV low-rating’-classes m1,e1,c1 2000 operating cycles pole-centre distance 160mm 20kA 1250A

شناسه محصول: 3AH5125-2RE44-5EK2 دسته:


SIEMENS 3AH5 لیست قیمت فروش  کلید فشار متوسط وکیوم خلا زیمنس آلمان

توجه داشته باشید هرگاه محصولی که مد نظر دارید را در فروشگاه نیافتید می توانید از اینجا با ورود به بخش “ثبت پروژه” آن را سفارش گزاری کنید 

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siemens 3ah5

3AH5 standard circuit-breaker from 12 to 36 kV – The Economical
3AH5 vacuum circuit-breakers control all switching duties
in medium-voltage systems. They are applicable for operation
of e.g. overhead lines, cables, transformers,
3AH5 – the universal circuit-breaker in the product range
generators, capacitors, filter circuits, motors and reactors.
Here, small short-circuit ratings in distribution systems face
high breaking currents in industrial systems.
The 3AH5 vacuum circuit-breaker is a real all-round device in
its field of application. With its compact dimensions, it fits in
all customary switchgear types. The comprehensive variety of
types with different normal currents and short-circuit currents
as well as various pole-centre distances for voltage levels from
12 kV to 36 kV enables its universal application for all mediumvoltage

Pole assemblies
The pole assemblies consist of the vacuum interrupters (5)
and the interrupter supports. The vacuum interrupters are
air-insulated and freely accessible. This makes it possible to
clean the insulating parts easily in adverse ambient conditions.
The vacuum interrupter is rigidly fixed to the upper
interrupter support (6). The lower part of the interrupter is
guided in the lower interrupter support (7), allowing axial
movement. The braces (8) absorb the external forces resulting
from switching operations and the contact pressure.
Operating mechanism box
The whole operating mechanism with releases, auxiliary
switches, indicators and actuating devices is accommodated
in the operating mechanism box. The extent of the secondary
equipment depends on the case of application and offers
a multiple variety of options in order to meet almost every
Operating mechanism
For circuit-breaker operation, both spring-operated and
stored-energy mechanisms are available. With manual
spring-operated mechanisms, the closing process takes place
automatically after manual charging of the closing spring.
The opening or contact springs are charged simultaneously
during the closing operation, which means that a stored
mechanism is available for the opening operation.
With motor or manual operating stored-energy mechanisms,
the closing spring is either charged electrically or manually.
It latches tight at the end of the charging process and serves
as an energy store.
To close the breaker, the closing spring can be unlatched
mechanically by means of the local “ON” pushbutton
or electrically by remote control. The closing spring charges
the opening or contact pressure springs as the breaker closes.
The now discharged closing spring will be charged again
automatically by the mechanism motor or manually. Then
the operating sequence OPEN-CLOSE-OPEN is stored in the

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SIEMENS شرکت خوشه‌ای آلمانی و چندملیتی است، که در سال ۱۸۴۷ توسط ارنست فون زیمنس در شهر برلین تأسیس شد. امروزه شرکت زیمنس در زمینه تولید تجهیزات مخابراتی و نورپردازی، لوازم خانگی، انواع قطار، تجهیزات تولید برق، سیستم‌های خودکارسازی، اتوماسیون صنعتی، تجهیزات پزشکی و سامانه‌های اعلام حریق فعالیت می‌کند.

عملیات شرکت زیمنس به چهار بخش اصلی انرژی، صنعتی، پزشکی و زیرساخت‌های شهری تقسیم می‌شود. هم‌اکنون شمار کارکنان زیمنس بالغ بر ۳۶۰ هزار نفر می‌باشد، که در ۱۹۰ کشور جهان اشتغال دارند. دفتر مرکزی این شرکت در شهر مونیخ، آلمان قرار دارد.

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